A ’Ventolone’ against frost

arnaldo caprai set up a super fan

Arnaldo Caprai, one of the most important Sagrantino di Montefalco Docg producer, installed in his vineyards a ventolone (large fan) in order to reduce the impact of spring frosts. The machinery is designed to raise the surface temperature of the vineyard, moving warmer air masses to the ground. During the first test the machine raised the temperature of 7-8 degrees centigrade on a surface that can reach up to 6 hectares.

The ‘super fan’ is part of the ‘New Green Revolution’, a sustainable development project developed since 2007 by Arnaldo Caprai and other seven wineries associated with the Consorzio vini Montefalco. Its purchase was financed by the Regione Umbria, committed to supporting the technological development of viticulture.