New Report from Cantina Italia

may raport of cantina italia

The latest report prepared by Mipaaf confirms the decrease in wine stocks in Italy, slightly higher than 50 million hectoliters. The same trend also for grape must (calculated down to 5.2 million) and the ‘New Wines Still in Fermentation’ (160 thousand hectoliters).

The PDO wines represent more than half of the wine held (52.1%), with a prevalence of the red type (52.8%) over the white (45.5%) and rosé (1.7%). Veneto holds about a quarter of the entire stocks (12.6 million hectoliters, of which 8.1 PDO wines), followed by Emilia-Romagna (5.7; 1.3 PDO wines), Tuscany (5.6; 3.6 PDO wines), Puglia (5.2; 0.9 PDO wines) and Piedmont (4.1; 3.0 PDO wines). Prosecco is the PDO wine with the highest stock (3.4 million hectoliters).